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Of respect and choices


Say, you are a Muslim. Say, you are fasting, giving up on food, water, bad thoughts, bad words. Say, there are colleagues at work, friends or members of your family who are not Muslim and who are not fasting.

How would you feel if they were eating or drinking in front of you?

How would you feel if, because they forgot or because they think it’s only a joke, they offer you water or a snack?

How would you feel if, basically, they were not acknowledging your efforts and the difficulty of it?


I think most people would see the common sense in respecting people’s choices, in allowing them to pursue them and in not trying to take them astray. After all, isn’t it all about respect?


So, now, tell me.

Why are some people not being supportive when someone stops smoking?


Why would they keep on smoking just in front of them?

Why would they keep on offering cigarettes, cigars or other alternatives?

Why, basically, don’t they show any respect to the difficulty of it?

Why don’t they try to make it slightly easier for them?

Where are the support and the care I see all around the Muslim community during Ramadan?

Yes, what is so difficult for some smokers to just help those who want to stop?


To stop smoking is a battle. Fasting is a 13 hour struggle. To stop smoking really takes months.

Be a bit supportive, people…


To my 4 friends who took the plunge on August 1st, keep on going. It’s a few months of struggle for more than years of freedom.