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The smell of dry leaves


Autumn has crept it. Or barged in. It’s so difficult to say this year…

Three weeks ago, we had 29°C in the shadows, a bright blue sky above, not a gust of wind – full summer in October!

Today, we had 1.5°C this morning… and a bright blue sky above and just a little breeze. It looks like summer… until you step outside – and then it feels like winter.


I remember, when I was a kid, autumn was associated with clouds, drizzles, occasional storms, and coolish temperatures (around 12°C).

Feeling sleepy earlier.

Snuggling up and reading a book next to the fire in the real-stone chimney in the living room.

Opening chestnut burs with my sneakers and coming back home with a plastic bag full of them. Letting them dry in a wooden crate in the attic, getting rid every day of the ones eaten by a worm.

Running on the dunes with eyes wide open at the gigantic waves crashing on the rocky coastline.

Shuffling my feet in the dry brown leaves, wishing I would have the sharp eyes of my grandparents, who would never fail to spot a boletus (an amazing mushroom).

Unidentified mushroom – I also wish I had the encyclopedic knowledge of my grandfather!

Fallen leaves in a pond – Cevennes


Things change, don’t they?

While temperatures have fallen sharply and chestnut burs cover the ground, I still feel in an in-between season. The transition between summer has either been too slow (no change of weather, no rain), too fast (25+°C drop), or slightly normal (the fruits & leaves falling).

In a background part of my mind, I feel confused. Which season is this?

The only thing that will never change, in a way, is the shorter time we have of daylight every day. The sunlight has been magnificent these last 2 weeks. Horizontal, hiding, subtle, golden.

I am in love with light.

Even on this picture, taken at 10.30am, you can see how horizontal the light is…

Light… That was actually the reminder. We are in autumn. Getting up in the morning is more difficult, even when you got your usual amount of sleep. Your body goes into sleeping mode before dinner.

Snuggling next to the fire still feels like the best thing ever.

Chestnuts are still as difficult to open.

You still feel grateful at the amazing light offered by a one-hour sunrise.

In the end, things don’t change that much…

Dry leaves, fire, chestnuts and acorns, the crisp cold in the morning.

I love autumn :)

Moss and leaves – Huelgoat forest

Acorns by the thousands

Old couple’s walk in the low light of mid-afternoon – Huelgoat forest