Introducing the Mat Salleh


I am a mat salleh. Maybe just not your usual type?

I have been living in KL for some time now. Long enough for me to call it home, not long enough for me to pretend I know everything. And I like it that way :)

I shy away from the expat lifestyle. I might be a European, but I don’t drink alcohol, party till the small hours of the night, spend the huge bucks I’ve been making in my expat job. I don’t own a car, nor a condo.

I prefer to go lepak at some mamak store with a teh tarik in one hand and a roti canai cheese in the other.

I try to crack jokes in Bahasa pasar, but the biggest joke is probably how I pronounce it.

I ride a bike.

I don’t have a “real” job.

I spend my nights volunteering, and my days smiling.

I didn’t come to Malaysia for a job. I came for the people.

Drawing of myself by a close friend – Some liberty taken in the way I am pictured though :)


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  1. Hello,

    plu de nouvelles de toi sur ton blog en Français…
    mais bon, c’est un plaisir de te lire ici!!! :))
    Tes Photos sont chaque fois plus belles, j’en découvre de nouvelles a chaque visite et c’est un pur plaisir !!
    tu me donne fois en l’humanité.
    je ne te connais pas mais dieux merci tu existe! :)
    ne change rien!
    tu a une belle âme, et j’esper vraiment un jour te rencontré!!!
    tu pourrais me donner des cours d’anglais pars exemple!? :))
    je te souhaite pleins de bonnes choses et milles merci de nous les faire partager!


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